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5 Reasons Why a Tooth-Saving Root Canal Is Nothing to Fear

Jul 04, 2023
5 Reasons Why a Tooth-Saving Root Canal Is Nothing to Fear
Root canals have a bad rap, but they’re meant to relieve pain, not cause it. A root canal isn’t much different from a routine filling in terms of discomfort. Read on to find out why this treatment is nothing to be scared of.

Believe it or not, the pain and the swelling you’re experiencing right now will be lessened, not worsened, by a root canal. With the help of antibiotics, the bacteria causing your symptoms will be eliminated, so you’ll feel better soon. 

Unfortunately, delaying a root canal treatment can cause complications down the line, and it can even lead to tooth loss. 

To help you get a better understanding of what happens during the treatment, we asked Sabrina E. Mickel, our expert, to explain why root canals are nothing to fear. 

1. Root canals are safe 

Root canals, like most dental treatments, can lead to complications on rare occasions. Despite that, they’re one of the safest dental treatments out there. 

Also, treating the infection associated with a root canal is critical, as the infection can spread to your brain if left untreated. 

2. Root canals don’t cause pain 

The area may be a little bit resistant to anesthesia since your tooth is so infected. However, most people who do feel pain during a root canal come to the dental office with pain in their teeth, so it’s the infection, not the treatment, that’s responsible for the pain.

In addition, if the pain dissipates despite the infection persisting, that usually indicates that the nerves have been damaged, not that the infection has gone away. 

3. Root canals aren’t much different from fillings

During the treatment, you’re asked to lie down while our specialist removes the infected tissue in your tooth. At the end of the treatment, the infected tissue is replaced with a filling. 

Most people don’t notice a difference in their experience when comparing a root canal treatment with a regular dental filling treatment.

4. Root canals don’t always take up several appointments 

Are you worried that you may have to take several days off from work to have your teeth treated? While root canal treatments do take longer than the average visit, most cases can be resolved in a single appointment. 

5. Root canals can save you money 

Left untreated, an infection will permanently damage the tooth to the point where you’ll need an extraction. In addition, the infection itself requires treatment, because it can become life-threatening. 

Root canals are typically cheaper than extractions or implants. Plus, they allow you to keep your natural tooth. 

Get your root canal with us 

Root canals don’t have to be painful or uncomfortable. Dr. Mickel has extensive experience performing root canals and understands why some patients may be anxious when they arrive at her office. 

However, if you choose a dentist who uses the right anesthetic and the proper technique, you can avoid pain and complications that can occur after a root canal. Contact us to schedule an appointment to get your root canal and save your tooth.